Our Party - political Party for:
Participation, Awareness, Rule of Law, Transparency, Yellow Bananas

Our Party - Caribbean Spring for Tobago and Trinidad

Our Party unites Tobago and Trinidad under the symbol of the Banana. The banana is of great taste and has high nutritional value. The banana is easy to plant and easy to decompose. The banana is simply the perfect fruit and therefore the perfect symbol of our political party called Our Party.

Our Party is deeply impressed by Steve Jobs' famous Stanford Commencement Speech - "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish". Please take a look at the following youtube video.

Role model:
In 1955, Rosa Parks got arrested in Montgomery, Alabama after she disobeyed the bus driver's order to give up her seat to make room for a white passenger. Parks' act of civil disobedience had a sparking effect. Rosa Parks became an icon and symbol of the modern Civil Rights Movement that changed the United States. Please take a look at the following article at wikipedia.org for more information...

Chicago is well known for corrupt politicians. Several well known politicians from Chicago are currently serving prison sentences - for instance Rod Blagojevich, former Governor of Illinois. Tobago and Trinidad are not like Chicago!

Certain contradictions and changes in style in our following Our Party program are not incidental and rather intended to maximize delight for the politically mature electorate. After winning the next general elections:

  1. Corrupt members of the old elite will receive amnesty after apologizing in public and paying 50% of received bribes to offshore banking accounts of Our Party.
  2. Nobody should think that we go into politics to enrich ourselves. We love all the people, we take care of them and take our responsibility very serious. But please remember that we have family, friends and expensive mistresses to take care of...
  3. Our Party fights corruption: Our Party will collect donations for politicians and lawyers in financial need. Donations will be distributed by Our Party members only...
  4. Our Party promises to realize Our Party vision 2020 - a drug free Parliament...
  5. Our Party promises six bananas for free per month to each person living in Tobago and Trinidad to secure a healthy diet.
  6. High Court Judges should not be obstructed by outdated formalities, numerous administrative barriers and unnecessary legal guidelines to follow the spirit of Our Party only.
  7. Gabrielle Giffords will not be allowed to join Our Party. Her strengths, humanity and great spirit would embarrass Our Party members. Our Party would look like a pack of selfish, stupid and narrow minded cowards if compared to her. This is not what we aspire. Sorry Gabby, secretly and deep inside we admire you and your husband. However, we can't say this in public. Please have a look at the following youtube video for more information about Gabrielle Giffords.
  8. We want no Facebook Revolution like in Egypt and no Jasmine Revolution like in Tunisia. People in these countries risked their lives to fight corrupt and selfish regimes in peaceful protests. We keep our political opinion private. All we ask for is low priced gasoline, low priced beer and rum and two additional Carnivals each year. We want low priced bananas as well. We want to promote the symbol of our new political party in Trinidad and Tobago. Long live our banana movement! Long live Our Party!
  9. Our Party leader is to be called "The Honorable Leader of Our Party" or alternatively "Honorable Warship of Our Party and the Caribbean Sea" or simply "Our Party Warship". The use of an improper salutation will be punished. Convicts will have to eat at least 20 bananas within 30 minutes in public...
  10. Our Party is mad as hell that there are one billion people in the world who are suffering from hunger!
  11. Our Party will build a bridge from Tobago to Trinidad. We know that making the biggest promises will make us win elections...
  12. We will provide free sunscreen to European visitors.
  13. Tobago and Trinidad will host the Fifa-World-Cup in 2026 - Our Party knows better how to deal with FIFA.
  14. Our Party will introduce visa duty for all European visitors to reduce tourist related crimes.
  15. Decision makers in national or international organizations are often too easy to buy. Many of them desire money, sex or shoes and the adequate gift will influence the decision be to made. Not so Our Party! Nobody should ever dare to buy us with money, sex or shoes! Our weakness is banana cake...
  16. Our next Prime Minister will be a woman again - more beautiful than any previous Prime Minister before. Our Party will host a beauty pageant to nominate our candidate for Prime Minister. Further qualities required to become Our Party Queen: Must deliver high quality banana cakes.
  17. Our Party will end the political culture of corruption, incompetence and waste of resources - to establish a system of privileges for Our Party members only.
  18. ... We will improve agriculture in Tobago. Tobago becomes the fruit basket of the Caribbean to deliver coco and bananas. Coco is of high value on the international market. Bananas are rich of nutrient content, easy to plant and symbol of our political party.
  19. Transparency International will be declared an unwanted organization in Tobago and Trinidad.
  20. Our Party proposes a new committee (including Our Party members only) to appoint and dismiss judges to fight corruption in the judiciary.
  21. Introduction of a Good-Day-Day on 1st of October.

The Caribbean Spring will change Tobago and Trinidad. Join Our Party! We need your ideas and your inputs to make Our Party the leading force in Tobago and Trinidad!

Our Party job offer:
Required qualifications: Must look pretty, have a nice smile and must follow orders of Our Party sponsors. What does the job offer? High quality dresses and shoes in large amount, luxurious limousines, travelling to different countries and continents while staying at the best hotels, meeting celebrities and very interesting persons, high quality sight-seeing-programs, best business opportunities for Our Party, our families and our friends - and all of this for free!!! Send your job application to Our Party to become our next Prime Minister...

Please contact Our Party via facebook or via email at info@our-party.com and eat plenty bananas...